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only when we can't get enough people locally.
Offshoring and outsourcing are a danger to your intellectual property and your own knowledge about your product, which is bad for your company's stability and survivability.


Offshore software development is what we are mainly focused on and our integrated approach helps us carry out all operations needful to obtain the final product.
So, Concentrating on offshore development, we have a good knowledge base in specific business and technical needs of small and medium sized enterprises and at the same time we have rich experience in the development of large projects (more than 500 man/years of total efforts).


I have seen a recent survey on this topic. Close to 50% are outsourcing programming. What is the situation for your organisation?

Yes, we offshore outsource parts of our programming, but mainly our activities on that topic are focussed at outsourcing of maintenance and monitoring.

We are experienced in India and the Philippines, and have build up experience in the field.

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completely agree for an IT company
If a company that sells software, start to outsource, chances are a loss of inherent knowledge inside the company and the s/w development drivers are slurred - any long sightedness goes out the window
( for a non IT company who just want something internal, and they have the wrong people employeed, then maybe it is easier to outsource rather than have their own IT.

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