Hello I am in need of advice on how to extract a software application I urgently need for a college course I am currently doing. The software is packed into just 1 file with a file extension ' .nrg ' . All the info I can find was to save to CD and use Nero to extract the application. However the file is 704MB so is on a DVD, I do have the Nero OEM Suite, Nero Express 6, InCD 4, Nerovision Express 2 etc. All my efforts to extract this file have failed. Could anyone please help. Thanx
Eamonn. ;)

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Hi kenjutsuka, I downloaded Alcohol 52% as you advised. I have been trying to use it for over 4 hours now and can't work out how to use it. I have the .nrg file on DVD and on my HDD, I tried extracting to both CD-R, DVD R/W & on to my HDD. (the mount option is always inactive) It appears I have the relevant Nero software, but it will only burn to CD. As the file just exceeds CD max capacity it wont burn. Also my Nero wont burn this type of image file to a DVD of any type. Can anyone advise please ?
Thanx, Eamonn.

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