Hi never used this sort of site, but here goes: when I shut down or reboot the computer I often am unable to use the mouse,the only way to rectify this fault is to shut it down holding the powerbutton for 3/4 secs, then when it boots up the mouse is ok again.I thought it was maybe an xp file missing but a format did not help
Any help with this problem would be much appreciated thx in advance

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Get a new mouse :)
It might be a motherboard problem as well

Tried 3or 4 mice:-| is there any way to test the m/board without replacing


Why not give this a go! http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ visit this site and download the zip which contains the ultimate boot cd. There are several useful tools on the cd and some for testing motherboards. I have used it a number of times and in some instances it has out performed tools supplied by big computer makers and it provides consistent results. Once you have burnt the cd and checked it, it should autorun and boot for you. k2

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