i bought the "battlefield 2 complete collection" game this morning from GAME, and now when i attempt to play the bf2 special forces version, the computer shows an error message: (see attachment)

my friend says it's the work of hackers

someone please help me!

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it means either there was some errors installing (scratched disc? - install it again and see) or your graphics card/direcrtx version is crap

If u have this problem dont do what bennit suggests, instead dowload patch v1.12 for bf2 sp and then it should be fixed. takes around an hour.


thats ancient

you want 1.41 at least (thats the one i was gonna out on a cd for u)

the patches for SP and bf2 are different.

it's not ancient...its a different patch.

you'll need both.

good grief.

no, BF and SF use the same patches

Well that issue has been long fixed :P Why didn't i mark this as solved?

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