this is a wierd one my desk top an (acer not even 2 years old ) will boot up any place other than my own house. now i was told that it might be the electical outlet and that i should use a difrent one . the problem is i tried that what can i doo if any one has a good answer please email me at

are you using the same monitor(screen) as the one at work? power cords everything ?

monitor is working fine i tried it with another pc. i also tried 4 difrent power cords and still nothing.

Are you installing it on a specific location like a your desk or is this happening anywhere in your house?

If this happens anywhere in your house, you could have an electrical problem, like low voltage or noise that the power supply can't handle.

Have you tried with a UPS with surge protection?

You should try the computer at the closet P/PT to the Switch Board. This will tell you whether it is the P/PT in the other room or the computer.. Also is the computer not turning on or is it not displaying ???? If its getting power but not displaying it could be a resolution issue. Saving $100 bucks on a electrician is worth it

electrician told me that the power company had reduced the voltage by ten % and that my puter suffered a low voltage burn out. he said it can go either way and that i had to be carfule and check the voltage from the outlet. so if any one out there lives in the greater city of sudbury in ontario canada be carfule with the electricity . it's cheap and will fry yoour stuff