My name is Sam. I am a computer science major at CCBC (www.ccbcmd.edu) and I need some help for my speech class.

The assignment is an informative speech on a career that I could like to take part in after college. The field I choose is a computer programmer. I have to interview somebody in this field. The interview would be about them and their jobs.

I'm having trouble finding people around me who are in this profession, so i decided to check to see if anyone on these forums would like to help me.

If you are in the computer programming field and would like to help me (there are about 20 questions), please send me a PM on the forums or email me at grieve -at- gmail -dot- com with some information such as what your job is and such and I'll get back to you.

- Sam Lehman

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how about just posting the questions and we will post our responses?

That would be the best since according to our forum rules: Do not post asking for an answer to be sent to you via email or PM. Problems and their responses assist others who read them.


I got somebody from my school to interview. thanks for your time
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