Hey I am new to this forum. I wanted to know what is a good diagnostic software tool for a new computer business, trouble-shooting software?I see so many out there.



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While I know others may disagree with this and its not the best solution tuneup utilities works great for us. It shows you the problem offers to fix it or you can fix it, it gives you a simple registry editor if you not good at editing registries and helps to optimize the settings in the pc. While it does have the "and it harm none addative" we have seen it try to do some pretty weird things. But over all for an easy to use program that will help with simple analysis I would say try this if it doesnt work for you, you can always try something else.

Right here is all you need
Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts


But actually knowing what you are doing is the best trouble shooting out there.I myself haven't seen anything better than knowledge for repairing computers.software won't help when it is hardware or drivers or BIOS or conflicts.tuning one up is what you do after you get the machine running right.when you are trouble shooting a machine look for the cause not the solution.

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I dont think I have heard it put better

Thank you,after 15 years of fooling with these crazy things getting certified going to school for PC maintenance repair knowledge is best.

Definition of Knowledge:Knowledge isn't what you know but if you know where to get the answer.

In short Google. LOL

they make some software that can assist in trouble shooting but knowing how one works is the best.

I am telling you that repair flow chart can help and save a lot of time.we all get stumped i don't care who you are and how much experience you got.

Notes take notes when repairing one that you haven't run across the problem before.

Here is a site for Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities.


Here are a few things also that may be helpful.

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