Hello all,

I’m new to posting and forums “and stuff”, I’ve always been wary of online things thinking the CIA or the underworld might seal my soul down the phone line, sort of like that movie with Dan A and Eddie Murf where the company directors have $1 bet and cause them to swap places. Dan A’s character looses everything!

I read the rules and posting guide and hope to conform.

Name: Tom
Nickname: Mr Arto
Height: a bit short for my weight
Weight: too much
Hair: not much left
Eyes: still going strong
Location: Aus
Age: A little older than my teeth and a little younger than my hair

Hobbies: walking, my kids, Listening to music, generally stirring people up, humour

Relationship Status: Family

Mostly old time stuff: ACDC, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Eagles, Midnight Oil…etc

Education: Mostly life

Work: Trade teacher

Favourite Food: Quality aged medium rare steaks with mushroom sauce, tender wild Red venison steaks, pan fried with cranberries and finished with a cream and redcurrant sauce, topped with sauté mushrooms Home made Pizza, Thai

Favourite Movies: Oh Brother where art thou

Favourite TV Shows: not really fussed on anything

Favourite Video Games: strategy games

Stuff you dislike: people without empathy

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