Hi, every 1.

I m a final year student. i have to develop a final year project. SO plz give me suggetions, for developing a new project.

i m intrested in programming side.
Plz ,send me the different titles for project too.(relates to webs used in software houses for their tasks, n functions. )

i wanna make a web (as ma final year project ) for the software houses, or software organization. which contain each n everything which happens in software houses.

Plz plz plz plz plz plz help me! i need help.
i wanna make a too much nice project.

I m waiting for ur replyies. plz reply me as soon as possible.
i 'll be very thankfull to you for helping me. n

plz send me the abstract if u can for that type of project which i have written up.


nowadays, i m in tention more then too much. bcoz of my final year project.

plz reply me.

I didn't understand a word in your post. :cry:

I didn't understand a word in your post. :cry:


what u didnt understand.
i just need ur help 4 making my final year projecy, related with software engineering.