hi, i found this site on a search for finding if I can find out who is behind a nusance isp

i wont say i know alot about computers
i am a baord meber of a not for profit corperation that is being bombarded with harasing e mails, we are a chariatable orgaisation that riaises funds for hiv and aids (sorry about the spelling im not into computers because im dyslectic as can be and have trouble typeing) i dont know if asking this question is aceptable or anything

other than that I am a 54 year old man dyslectic and the father of 2 girls, i am a wild west performer and throw bullwhips and spin ropes to me yahoo is not a site its a good time, if i am am out of line by joining please let me know and if i have asked something ileagle please tell me to stop right now.

I live in coral springs, florida ,thats right in the evreglades, i have an air boat and like the peace it brings to my family.

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Hello paulish,
I'm sorry to hear that spammers to bombard even charity organizations. If you want some support with that problem you should ask your question in (at least, I think) Tech Talk -> Microsoft Windows -> Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties.

Then some other questions to you: How could the spammer got the E-mail adress? Did you put it openly on the site?
Do you have an spamblocker and how much spam do you recieve (like about 1000 mails a month or something like that).

I noticed I said you a copple of times in the above questions, but I mean your organisation.

By The Way: your question is acceptable :P.


Hi and thank you for the reply, our organisation has its information published in the list of not for proift corperations and is avilable to the charity we donate to almost anyone can acess our E adress. I dont know if attacking some one like this is considered as spam per say. the nature of the attacks are public questions as to the moarls of our members for giveing services and relief to " fags and drug users" I am pretty sure no one has ever asked a member of our group there orientation and or use of illegale substances most of us are married and the ages run from 27-68. the attacks are never from the same person who will not reply to our pleas to speak to us or help us resolve the matter, the only one of us who really knows a little about computers has said we should track the isp and that from what they can tell the last recived isp line is almost never the same some are from yahoo adresses that say yahoo on them, the charity work we do benifits mostly single women with kids that live below the poverty line, our efforts are geared to helping the helpless

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