i liked the GCSE version (got an A), didn't take it onto AS

German (as in the language)

like it (got a B at GCSE in it)


Dont care for them :D


hate it

tabasco sauce

like it!!!!


like it (but its hard for me, i have asthma)


flying - not done it for 20 plus years - makes me feint.

Motor biking ?

Like it.

Rabbit meat?

Hate it.

Dog meat? I'm not kidding!.

lol never tried it and would probably hate it.

renting movies?

YES! Like it.

Eating pop-corn?

Like it.

Fixing them in Photoshop?

gets frustrating but hey I still like it.

going on dates?

No, thankgoodness.


like it if I could.


Like it.

Reading mistery books?

like it.

traveling abroad?