Hello everyone. I informed Google of my forum website URL via the standard method recently. Within about five days, it started finding search terms inside my forum when given "Mushy-pea [search terms]". Nice one Google, I thought :) . However, when you click links that go from Google directly to a request on my forum script visitors are presented with "Access denied" from the host's web server. After a couple of support requests I managed to get them to admit they use referer checking that blocks links to CGI scripts from outside the same domain. They say it's to prevent people searching for insecure CGI spam relay possibilities (which won't ring true to anyone here who knows how easily referers can be faked).

I wondered if anyone could offer advice on a couple of points:

1. Does this sound like un - reasonable service to you (on a £5 per month hosting account) ?

2. Can you recommend a decent host I could migrate the site to, that doesn't operate such draconian and (to me, unfair) restrictions?

Any advice appriciated.


I think a host should do that just host. Nothing more unless asked to. While there are some bad reviews out there I recommend 1and1 I have been with them for the last 2 years and have had no problems. They offer great rates and I havent ever had a problem witht them going down although I do have a problem with the webmail from time to time not wanting to load. They offer just about anything you need and their support is compatent and are available 24/7.

Having considered the situation further, I have decided it will be better for me to find a work around within the workings of my site, rather than going through the hassle of changing providers. It would be a fairly simple matter to make the scripts generate static versions of dynamic pages. Thanks for the advice, anyway.


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