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Hiya all,

I wrote an article on my blog about printers in Linux...most new users I've run across turn away from Linux because of printer support. So instead of just calling up my manufacturer like I've always done when a printer isn't supported, I started an online petition so that I can point the printer manufacturers to that instead...perhaps quite a large number will get their attention

The number 1 reason given by the manufacturers (for quite a few years now) for not supporting is always the same, "At this time, the low user base of Linux does not merit the expense of developing our software to fit those needs." If we get enough signatures on the petition...perhaps their eyes will open a bit. Anyways, check out the online petition and sign if you'd like to:

Thanks to all those who want to help out!

thanks man

my printers all hated linux so i forked out for one of those network based HP lazers

seeing as my inkjet was doing 1000+ pages a year due to college and each cartrige was £40 it was worth it as now i ahve a 5000 page toner cartrige and a £300 printer meaning if i use it until the drum wears out, its only 0.5p a page

anyway back to the point, these lazers network great with linux (hpoj service) and i can use HP printing from my PDA to it too

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