like it.

Surfing the real thing? Ocean.

hate it


like it (only the legal sort)


haven't tried it (even though there is a cannal at the bottom of my garden ~ lol

toasted sandwich

like it

hot doctor pepper

go on msn serusnon!

never tried it...

coffee (black)

hate it.

dressing up in costumes for Halloween?

hate it

bonfire night

hate it (OMG I had them for 7 years!!!! i had really crooked teath)


I had mine for about 5... I hate them too lol.

like it (only on the ears...)


Hate it (well, the ones that are in your face, so to speak)

rofl happygeek will kill me for saying I hate tatoos, so will sk8....


ahhh... lol I see.


never had one.

flying in an airplane?

commented: thanks for the rep. I hope you get your 4th too +16

Havent tried it

I had concussion from being hit by a basketball in the side of the head. It was really wierd.

Given blood?

Like it (only cuz it helps people)

Ridden/flown in a helicopter?

Tried it once, but fell off.


hate it (but rocky etc... is cool)

a tatoo on your face?


never tried it (ive been pheasant hunting before though)