im having amd athlon xp 2000+,1.67ghz,512 ddr1RAM,80 gb hard disk.
after turning on the pc,the temp of cpu and system ries to 65 degree in 1 hours and keep on getting restarted.i gave my motherboard to gigabyte agency,they also cudnt solve the problem.experts also cleaned the motheboard,still the problem persists,help me to get out of it.my computer is 4 yrs old

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Well this could be a couple of things.

you may need new thermal compound on CPU and your fan may be going on the heat sink.

Your powersupply could be failing.

or the Motherboard or CPU could be failing.

Could also be a virus.


Yea, I would go with a hardware problem on this one.. How old is your system? Check your fan's speed in the bios.. Probably an overheating issue w/ ur fan and thermal compound.. You might want to buy a new fan.


my pc is 4 years old,when i play multiple things than also it keeps getting restart,like if im only doing chatting on yahoo than it doesnt restart ,but if im playing games in afternoon in around 40 degree celcius than it goes wierd.my cpu fan speed is 3344 rpm.i have opened the side case.should i change the fan which is above processor ? or this problem can never b solved in this summer.as my pc worls ok in winters.i have show it to experts they say motherboard is ok,.the problem is with ur room becoz its on top floor of building and sunlight makes it hot all the day.is that possible ???and yes i recently added 512 ddr1 RAM ,earlier i had 128 ram ,it was owrking ok in summmers with 128 ram last year.but i placed my previous 128 ram in the slot than also it keep getting restart.any solution friends???i have also tried all antiviruses programs.power supply is also ok,i also get it checked from experts


Yea, I am not sure about the new ones, i have an AMD 64 3000+, doesnt get hot. Like jbennet said, it was just probably the old ones

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