how can i decide whether the software quality is product, process, or relative. i mean according to what??

Eventually you'll realize you ask pointless questions with no answer and start coming up with better ones.

am sorry but why is it a pointless question??
if it was also pointless to me i wont` ask it..

It's pointless because it's so incredibly vague that a useful answer is literally impossible.

its ok! with me if u gave me a general answer coz am not looking for a literally one..
am sorry for saying this , but u can simply tell me that, from the beginning instead of describe my questions as a pointless.

There's no general answer. There's no answer at all. Your question is to vague.

I don't understand your question. Can you rephrase?

Quality is not a process or a product.

Quality is a subjective measure of value to those that matter.

ok Ben.. sometimes we describe qualities by (product and process) or (external and internal)..
for example when u say that Reliability is both product and process quality!!
but according to what we decide weather the quality is product or process??
i am asking coz i wanna explain why process qualities can impact the qualities of the product??
plz don't tell me that my question is still vague!!

What you are trying to dwell into is known as Software Engineering, which differs greatly from programming. Maybe you need to do a bit of reading to get the answer to all your theoretical questions.

Maybe this would be a good place to start off with. Click on the links and start reading. An answer shouldn't be far away.

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