I heard it is possible to configure raid 1 on windows xp but you have to jump through a few hoops first to do so, the options are greyed out but by amending the certain files it is possible to re-instate this option. Has anybody out there done this ? If so please could they advise


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Hardware, which is best ? I do not know at this stage which offerers the best performance ? Do you know ? k2


software raid is nearly impossible in xp

hardware raid (using a raid card or posibly using raid built into your mptherboard) is easier and better - you configure that using the secondary bios and simply provide xp with a driver disk during the install (floppy only)

why do you want raid anyways?


Hi James, it is purely a technical exercise that is all. I do not know how viable this is but I have been told 3 files within XP can be edited used to replace 3 existing files within XP to perform raid1. This functionality has been stripped out but should be can be set up to work. I would simply like to know more and give it a shot

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