Please can you tell me how I can print off a list of my computer's software?

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Your computers software? It should all be in the "add/remove programs" program in the control panel..

Go into add/remove programs and write it down?

I need a print out though for insurance purposes

you could do a print screen I suppose?

yes, hit print screen, and paste what you printed in mspaint or something similar. Then scroll down the list a little bit more, and print screen again..

This process seems a bit tedious, but I do not know of any other way.. perhaps there is a program out there that shows you what programs you have installed..

Im pretty sure there are

Probably. Just takes a bit of online research to find one..

Im sure you could write a simple VB.NET app to do it. Ill get on it on thursdday if you want (i have exams)

Im only at 6th form college (im 17)

Ive had most of mine. I just have chemistry and biology left

Im only at 6th form college (im 17)

hmm.. okay:?:

lol.. I really should read up on how the british education system works.. How many days to yall have off in the summer?

6 weeks or so

Wow.. we usually get >2.5 months or so off

yeah but we get half term and end of term holidays (so we end up getting a week off every few weeks) so i think all in all it evens out

ahh ic.. That's nice. I'd rather have more in between breaks than one long break.. You forget everything during the summer break lol

yeah i like it. I had a masive (4 month?) break between the end of secondary school and the start of 6th form and i forgot everything.

i think we start school before you too. We start at 4/5 and finish at 16

We start at 4 too.
Pre-K-5th grade is Elementary
6th-8th is middle school
9th-12th high school (finish at age 18)

Then onto college.. 4 year University for bachelors then even more years for Masters and doctoral

so ur high school is like our secondary school + sixth form then

we have primary school (4/5-11) then secondary school (11-16) then 6th form 16-18/19 then you can go to university and get a degree or something

were allowed to leave at 16, after secondary school

ah, icic.. I understand a little bit better then :)

Yea, in the U.S. you are no longer considered a minor at 18, so you cannot legally leave until you are 18 (I think).. some people do drop out before high school though, but I think they have to get approval from a judge or something.

Laws here are a little strange, you can smoke at 18, buy porn at 18, driver's permit at 16, drop out of school at 18, join the army and die for your country at 18, but you can't drink until your 21 :-/

wow.. linux just told me that my wireless mouse had 14% power remaining.. I didn't know there was even a program monitoring that lol.. nothing in windows anyway.

>linux just told me that my wireless mouse had 14% power remaining
Hey! Don't get this thread off-topic. We're having such a nice discussion about school, and we don't want to ruin it, do we?

lol my mistake.. what school do you/did you attend, and what degree(s) do you have?

smoke at 16
ride moped/small motorbike at 16 (but not car)
sex at 16
porn at 18
marry at 16 with consent
do lottery at 16 but not casinos etc...
drop out of school at 16
be gay at 16

you can join the army at 16 with consent but you need to wait until your 18 to go to war

ah ic.. yea, gambling is 21 in casinos.. lol, you have to be at least 16 to be gay? What do you mean sex at 16? Is it considered illegal to have sex prior to 16? I don't think there are any laws about that in America.. it's just looked down upon if it's before marriage..

yeah you cant do it before 16

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