I have been trained first in C, then the "power language of choice" C++, then Python-- I really could not stand Python. Now, I am rediscovering Python by choice.

I have just been hired as a video game programmer by a company developing for an upcoming new system, but, we have yet to receive the dev kits so we do not know yet even what language we will be writing in: C, C++, Python? One of these, supposedly. At first I thought "C++ !", but now I am thinking "Python? :)" Maybe.

I have been practicing some Python code lately, small projects aimed at simply relearning the syntax, etc. It is fun.

My question is: What do YOU think of Python (in general) and what experience(s) if any have you had with it.


If you have posted the question doubting the ability of Python to be used in games then you are wrong. There are really good games made in Python which have real time physics and are at par with teh performance delivered by C++. And whats more is that since it is also a scripting lang the task of game scripting is really simplified since you dont have to search for another language which is the case when you use C++ for development. (eg. LUA).

THe games :

try activepython its a good ide and theres a free version thats 20mb or a dvd version to buy