I have a question...Where do I start? I can start here by telling you that I'm a 53 y-o man from Liverpool UK, surrounded by women (2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, and a wife) and I haven't a clue about technology. I seriously struggle with a mobile, a digital camera or a DVD. (In fact I think I might even have my glasses on upside down!)However I'm full of ideas (yeah you guessed it, I'm full of something else as well). I have an idea for a website that apparently is quite complicated. (I'm sure one web designer I spoke to was physically baulking at the complexity) So back to my original question....where do I start? I know everyone thinks they have an original idea for a website, but I can't find the likes of it around. I have found one that works on a similar principle, but is very different. I need help with design and marketing, and there is the other catch...it costs. I'm willing to share any revenue (should it work as I anticipate there would be lots of that) Can anybody help?

Check out the various forums in the Site Management category, there are loads of really interesting and useful relevant posts to be found there.

Oh, and welcome aboard the Good Ship DaniWeb, by the way.