Why doesn't it work? I have several laptops IBM's image fine with ghost 8.2 but with dell's it loads the drivers (using floppy disks) i get to the second disk which loads ghost.exe. Then the ghost program loads and i get that grey background overlaying a blue background with an hour glass'd cursor but thats it. No movement nothing anyone know why dell is so difficult, besides the obvious answer that its a DELL!!

Thanks for any idea's

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Well the question would be why ghost doesn't work on any of the dell laptops that I have.

Update, i was able to ghost my dell hard drives by physically removing them from the laptop and attaching them to desktops and creating/restoring the image from there.

Hope this helps anyone else who has the problem


correct me if i'm wrong here...

dell likes to sometimes install 1 HDD using a proprietary software RAID BIOS... this will confuse ghost. So, maybe new Motherboard = new BIOS settings.

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