My mom has a Dell Dimension 4500. The video card is finally going I think. The screen kinda flickers. The card she has in it now is a GeForce4 MX 420 64mb. Can I put my Radeon 9550 256 Mb in her motherboard? I don't know if the motherboard can handle it cause I think hers is running at about 264 MHz and my Radeon 9550 is 400MHz. I can't find upgrade specs. for it anywhere. If someone can please help me I would be greatful.

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first you need to find out what type of slot the graphcis card is and what type of slot she has (it will be either agp, pci or pci express). Any card aught to workj so long as its the correct type for her slot and her pc has enough power to run it.

Okay thank you. I wasn't sure if the MHz had anything to do with it or anything. Wasn't sure if there was a limit to it... I didn't wanna fry anything haha. Thanks again for your reply.

I too have a Dell Dimension 4500 with a failing graphics card. I contacted Dell with a view to replacing it and they advised that any AGP card with 64Mb or 128Mb would be suitable, but that the system board won't handle higher-memory cards in excess of 128Mb.

You can get a 128mb AGP gefoce 5 series on ebay for like $20

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