Hello! I'm not very pc savvy and I'm trying to update a website-we've never had problems before--and I keep getting this error message--
SoftArtisans.SAFile.1 error '80070005'

Error occurred when moving cached file to final destination. Please check the NTFS permissions for the directory "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\" and the directory containing the file "E:\kunden\homepages\28\d197952325\artist_gallery\artist_images\0\Acoplamiento large.JPG". These directories require Read, Write and Delete permissions by the anonymous user ( NT account: IUSR_computername ) and/or by your authenticated users.Access is denied.

/artist_gallery/admin/content/submitcontent.asp, line 58

can anyone give me some insight?

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Access denied errors are related to your account not having proper authority in the \Windows folder. Right click your Windows folder, click properties, go to the security tab, add your user name (if not already there), and make sure that "Read and Execute", "List folder contents", "read", and "write" are checked.

This is assuming that you have XP professional, and simple file sharing disabled.

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