Woot woot new transformers movie came out yesterday. What does everyone who has seen it so far think?

Personally i loved it and michael bay is very much forgiven for that really bad movie he made starting with the letter P and ending with harbor.

Might go see it again when i get paid...

I thought it didn't come out until next week? Shows how much I pay attention to movies. I'll probably wait a week or two. I saw Pirates on opening weekend and the overpacked theater was too annoying.

I thought Pearl Harbor was ok...well, the second half was.

I diddnt think that it came out until today (the 29th) but because the movies here redo their times on a thursday we got it a day early.

Overpacked theatre or not it is well worth seeing infact its almost better with a packed theatre especially when you go to like a night time session like i did. That way you don't have kids everywhere mainly just over excited nerds.

"Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies? Pearl Harbor sucked, and I miss you.."

:D Personally, I think the movie is stupid.. I wont be watching it. Tell me if it's good though.

i'm still expecting it to come here...

:D Personally, I think the movie is stupid.. I wont be watching it. Tell me if it's good though.

Actually it is well worth seeing as i have said already.

heh heh seen it three times now... Gets better every time...except for the movie ticket price...basterds

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If he did Pearl Harbor then I doubt I'll make any effort to see this one. Pearl Harbor was absolutely abysmal.

haha.. I agree.. and so far, only Lasher has seen it ;)

Optimus Prime is Jewish..........bet you didn't know that.

Ahhh, so he is angry over that whole bris thing...

hey if i had the end of my fluid valve threaded as a part of some stupid tradition i would be mad as well...

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i'm still waiting for it to come here... it won't for like a month more...

Ahh that must suck. Does it always take so long to get movies there?

yup... except for those who are world wide premieres... (duh)

so you will get the new harry potter movie before transformers then?

that's right... and i hate it when its that way...

ANyone seen the transformers tv series?It kinda was unique with its graphics.Like a lot of cartoons nowadays.