you get ridiculed constantly if you are ginger, but its kinda accepted, you also take so much abuse if you are scottish, i mean, the things people say to me, they would not say to me if i was black or from poland as it would not be accepted, but IMHO its racism still.

heh... Well, I married a red-head, so no complaints about ginger here =)

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Sorry, I was out for a few days.
Thanks for the enlightenment from you guys. Like I observed which was also emphasized by davey, cultures and language come into play when these words are used. It is also an agreement between people of certain language and culture that such and such is bad and unacceptable.

For example because english language is the medium of expression among english speaking people the expression "Bu*lSh*t" qualifies as a swear/curse word. What does it really mean. It means literally "COW DUNG!".
But when I am upset and angry and I start grimacing and shouting "COW DUNG!, COW DUNG!!, COW DUNG!!!":icon_redface: . I am sure that you guys and even the filter on this forum would not think it as offensive. Hence my interest in having a list of these words so that I would not sound inappropriate when I do not really mean to.
Thanks y'all