umm is there any1 who know how to connect microsoft office words to VB.6??

then after i wanna save the text ive type on the Words(which is connected to VB, and is running inside my form) to a database?

is this possible??

if it is , pls help me how to do it,
or links if u know some..

----------------- as much as possible i dnt wanna do this
but i dnt know how to store a data on a database that also have the same format as i type it,,


ive type something like this on Words or Notepad





------ive try copy paste it on a textbox, but it only get the 1st line, i needed to store all with the same format, and when i load it on a label it will show the same..

thx for any1 who can help me...

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if you want to use WORD or any application into your program,you can use the shell function.Try to search about this one.Maybe you get only the first line of what you are pasting because the maxlength is not set to be that long.

check this out:

Kuya ryan,,

ive solved the problem.

what i used is a Microsoft Rich Text Box(u can see it on the components)

then it can store anything u type and the format will be stored in a data base,

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