That sounds riculously easy for school. It's only half a day and you get blow off classes? And in high school. I wish my school was like that.

Don't go to class at all, and you'll be in a more enviable position.

That sounds riculously easy for school. It's only half a day and you get blow off classes? And in high school. I wish my school was like that.

8:40-4:35 Monday-Thursday (4 classes each day).. It's really a difficult week.. we need the Fridays to relax after so much stress.. ;)

AND you get to go in as late as 8:40? Bleh. Lol. I still have three more hours of school each week. But I have seven classes a day.

>As white, e4. As black it depends on white's opening, but since it's usually e4, I'll defend with a Sicilian variation.

sicilian is an opening reserved only for the pros. you see josch i was right to be afraid of her. i myself am only learning the sicilian now. against jocamps i played e5 and would have gone Nc6 had he gone Nf3 but instead he went Bc4.

>Pins are the result of good positioning, so technically they are essential.

true. tactics is only the result of an accident in the case of beginners only. pros win the strategic battle first. Then their better placed pieces has the better tactical chances. tactics then is almost like applying paint to a well build house.

>also... i don't care losing a piece or two if i have something planned to do... they're sacrifices that must be done to achieve victory...

i am going to say that those kind of sacrifices are going to end in defeat. sacrifice only if you see a clear path to victory and the sacrifice is the only way to achieve it.

>my favorite plays are those where you put your opponent in a situation in which he must pick what piece >he prefers to lose...
>or doing the same with a check... they're so nice... lol

that is one standard use of the queen. but it requires that enemy pieces are loose or unprotected. The queen is lot like cavalry in eighteen century warfare. once infantry had been broken cavalry are the chain saw killers. but against infantry or musketeers in good order and formation they are only going to break themselves against their sustained fire. same with the queen. once the enemy is of balance she is a murderess. but she will find it very difficult to get all his pieces of balance herself. especially if she wants to do it on her own.

>I think that's called hypermodernism right?

that is right. i am not good at hyper modern play though so narue should probably elaborate or rectify if i am wrong or something.

one method of the hyper modern school is to give the centre to you. and when you occupy it with the queen and king (sometimes queen bishop as well) 's pawns they hit you with their own bishops' pawns. now their own king and queen pawns are free to take the center which is the ideal of the modern school.

other strategies involves controlling the centre from a distance using pieces (nimzo indian defence and queen's indian defence) as well as blocking the centre and then attack around it( king's indian defence).

a word of advice though. hyper modern play extends modern strategies so learn modern play first. modern play is that which was started by wilhelm steinitz.

There is so much to know about it. It gets so complicated. I kinda just move my pieces where it sees fit. Lol.

>There is so much to know about it. It gets so complicated.
It's a lot like algorithms in programming. If you understand the principles, you don't need to memorize the algorithm because you can always rebuild it. On a similar tack, if you memorize dozens of chess openings but don't understand how they work and why, you're still just moving pieces.

...Yeah, I'm horrible at programming. Lol. Actually I guess I'm not that bad for a beginner.

Indeed! 2 more games and the tournament is over. im hoping we could get more players next time.

How i wish i could face narue in the finals. i know quintoncoert is a good player. nonetheless, ill give you a good game, buddy. Even it takes hours to finished it. lol

Oh, is that the game that took forever to finish?

yup! that's the one that made me miss my taxi going to the bus station.. huhuhu

a taxi to a bus station? That sounds almost pointless. Lol. Well, have fun with that game.

I am gunna do better next time for sure, but it was harsh with my first game against Jocamps who has become a dark horse along with quintoncoert.