As with others of this type, it works better spoken than written.

The third word is 'Language', as it occupies the third slot in the phrase 'The' 'English' 'Language'.

ah well, I guess that one was just too easy ;)

I am a devourer.

All that crosses my path will I engulf, though
some meals I am forced to gnaw on for a time
before I finally consume them.

The fickle wind is both my greatest ally and
my greatest foe. The touch of her breath may
give me new life, or may utterly obliterate me.

As the wind is to me, so I am become to mankind.
He may harness my power for himself, and I will
aid him, but should he grow careless, he too
will I devour.

Though they be held back, the stones of the
deepest earth desire to take on my nature.
Should they be freed upon the world, for a
time they too will devour all they touch,
even as I devour.

What am I?

My guess is - Fire

yeah... fire seems to be it...

Correct to Fire.

Heh, I was actually the first one to get that right. And I never get riddles right.