The good thing about the brains option is that this is someone you can be friends with as well as go out with; "this, that and the other", for those of you who watch Seinfeld.


I'm going to say someone I enjoy being with who is both smart and hot...

what a cop out. says she who hasn't voted yet ;)


>> what a cop out. says she who hasn't voted yet :P
Cop out, eh? I voted smart, but why not go for a three-in-one deal while in the market?


I have to admit that my new GF is a lot smarter than me, on top of that, she's cute in her own way, freckles and all!


Anyone seen that Seinfeld episode?? The one where Jerry is going out with that woman who is a complete idiot but is physically very attractive? Very funny, if you haven't seen it you should.


hhhmmm...dunno how i messed this one...lets see...both are essential, i actually voted none...i'd have to go for a woman who can cook...


Not even going to answer; she would KILL ME!
(Plus we're both teenagers, so I'd get in trouble with Big Brother Sam).


if you have brain go for it.
other options are open for you.

I agree, if you have the brain, she/he doesn't need much of it.


i'm still waiting for a girl to come in and say as a consequence of the poll results...

Men are a bunch of shallow jerks. :(
This question made me sad.


"Some men are shallow jerks, some women are as well, and the best way to get through life is to not care so much about who you cannot get along with as about who you can befriend."
--Gabriel Shai Jacobs

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Amen to that.

lets say you have the opportunity to choose between two women (men if you're a chick):

one of them is the hottest thing you've ever seen, but as long as she/he opens her/his mouth, it is full of crap and idiotness...

the other one is not too physically gifted... but has the best personality ever... very smart, a very good friend and listener, and all you can imagine...

which one would you choose?



I have chosen both and it worked fine.

There are the lucky ones!

As I am looking around folks I know, most of them ended up with neither.


So is this like a one night thing, or a life-long partner thing? If it's a one night (or possibly a few nights...), I'd choose the hot one. and if it's for a lifetime (or a long period of time), i'd probably still choose the hot one.
Who wants an ugly chick anyways? plus, just because she's sort of stupid then, doesn't mean she won't develop and mature overtime. and she'd still be sexy when we were old, which is totally awesome!


beauty is skin deep.

stupid goes to the bone.

Interesting! Even though I think beauty goes deeper than the skin. There is beauty in creativity, voice, motion just to mention a few.

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