i bought a toshiba laptop with windows vista. i'e had the thing for about 3 weeks and recently it developed this annoying issue. when i open up a window the borders begin to flash and its like the window is being refreshed over and over again and it stops responding to the mouse when it flashes. the same thing happens with the quicklaunch icons, internet explorer, all folders windows, messenger windows, almost everything. it keeps doing it every couple of seconds, but if the window is in full screen it doesnt do anything but flash the border.
can anyone tell me wht this is and what i can do to fix it?

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Ummm. Just take it to a nearby computer store?

lol.. come on dude we are supposed to SOLVE the problem.. don't post if you have nothing beneficial to say.

To the op: It sounds to me like some kind of graphics card failure.. What did you do prior to this situation occurring? What kind of graphics card do you have? Check to see that all device drivers have been installed, and are working correctly.

RAM could also be a slight issue, but agreeing with Josh, it looks to me as if your gfx card is either faulty or you don't have the correct drivers installed.
But after 3 weeks a laptop shouldn't be doing this, i do highly recomend you take it back to the store, and order a replacement, seeing as your product doesn't meet to the specifications that you purchased it for.

Yes, the product should be within the 30 day period to replace it. Hmm I wouldn't think it would be a ram problem unless you are experiencing other errors as well.. but nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to run memtest86+ or Microsoft's ram test program.

I wouldn't mess around too much with it at this point, take it back to the store you got it from, demonstrate the problem with it and get them to replace it as it will be under warranty.

I would only mess with it if it were out of warranty.

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