Hi... I'm new here today, old, and not very computer-wise (but not totally non-tech either). I'm desperate for a rapid solution to my problem printing, but not sure it'll have good visibility where I posted is as a reply to an old thread. Think anyone'll mind if I re-post it as a new thread?

Secondly, I get double-underlined links on this site which seem to pop-up adverts. Is that intended?... or have I got adware from someplace?

Thanks, Tom

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New questions should always be in the format of new threads. It is against our rules to post your question twice as well as posting a new question as a reply to an existing thread. A moderator will most likely delete duplicate threads or move your post if you posted it as a reply. It's okay though - the first time 'round you are just let off with a warning.

The green double-underlined links you see are IntelliTXT advertisements which help to fund DaniWeb . If you'd like, you can disable them via the preferences section of the member control panel. However, if you're not bothered by them, it would be appreciated if you left them active to contribute back to our community.

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