No, its not what you think. :cheesy:

It's my first time assembling a computer. I'm about to get some money to go parts-shopping soon in an effort to build my first desktop.

What's the most cost efficient/well performing setup I can get?

Should I go with these guys and get something like this?

Anyone have any tips, suggestions or ideas, feel free. :)

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Sometimes it is cheaper to go to a website and configure your computer. If you are going to build it yourself you must do alot of research into what is going into the pc and you must understand how it all works!


What goes into a pc usually equates to what you want the pc to do. Are you looking for something that handles Windows and Office fairly well? Are you just interested in a web surfing and email system? Or are you possibly a gamer? You need to sit down and think on what you want your pc to be able to do. That is what will help us or anyone give you ideas for what components to go with.


i dont know if this site ships to anythwere but the uk but have a look at it anyway.


I got a "barebones" pc kit off them - you get the motherboard, psu, case, heatsink, cpu and ram all assembled (thier the hardest parts) and its then up to you to add cards and drives to it.

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