I checked my traffic stats for my link directory and i found out that the traffic exchanges don't really do that much. Most of my traffic comes from the 40+ forums i've joined and have a signature on. Look at my traffic stats for the last 18days for proof of how many people visit my site:

(this link does not link to my website. it is a screenshot of my traffic stats)

It averages out to be 102.78 visitors per day

I am still joining forums as we speak and using my signature to advertise my link directory.

my advice would be to do what i'm doing because it works.

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Same. After i put my email in my sig my spam increased about tenfold.

classic hopefully you're getting some good deals :icon_cheesygrin:

As long as your site is actually useful then it will work, but if your site is just a load of BS then you may get some traffic but you will not get conversions/registrations because people will see right through it.


i get 60+ emails a day from daniweb about thread notifications lol

You can turn them off in Control Panel unless its an automatic message from a moderator.


i spoek to dani about it. Turning off notifications only affects new threads/posts though. I cant delete all my subscriptions either as i have 134 pages worth ;)


well the image doesn't indicate the sites it comes from...anyway i'm yet to have success this way but i'm told it does work...

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