I just got here and as HappyGeek advises I will tell you couple of things about me.
My name is Andrei Ciubotaru. I am Founder/CEO of a Romanian custom software development company.

Hi Andrei, welcome to DaniWeb. I snipped the advertising stuff from your message rather than delete the whole thing, that way we still get to say hello and welcome! :)

Ok. I got it - no addresses. But in case of replying for job postings... what is the benefit if one cannot show the potential customer something about its portfolio (I am not refering to this welcome thread... I understand the reasons)? I say that because I posted about 10 replies to this kind of postings and in each one of it I told about specific link with portfolio information.

Your details along with a link to your website is already shown with every posting courtesy of your signature. It does not need to be added within the body of the post as well, and doing so is against the rules I am afraid. Someone will probably be along to snip the URLs out of the posts soon, maybe even me :)

Ok then - just remove the links. My mistake... I didn't read the rules.

Thanks! I am not sure whats with the rest of the post but sounds very... romantic:).

Good day.....welcome aboard....hope you'll enjoy it here!


This community seems to be helpful. I did not signed any contract :), but after annoying a lot of people around here I got some publicity... good one.

I'll stay around for a while...