My intention is not to hack, but if i have someones IP, what things could i do, and how. I mean stuff like anonymous messages, opening and closing cd drives, and spinning the A drive, etc.

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During the years of Windows 95 and old versions of Linux, it used to be easy to crack. Any script kiddie could easily exploit their security flaws. Now it's tougher. A lot of those cracking progs no longer work anymore. If you want to hack you have to know your stuff. I'm not going to post ideas on what to do, but if you're interested on learning more about hacking, I suggest you pick up a copy of a magazine called 2600 from your local Barnes and Noble or Borders. Also pick up a book on network fundamentals, Linux, and programming. There are several legal books out there that show you how to hack and I suggest you pick one up.

Remember that hacking is legal. What people refer to illegal computer acts is actually cracking. It means penetrating a system by any means. This may include knowledge of hacking AND social engineering. You don't have to know either though because you could have some app that can crack automatically. The problem of course would be being untraceable, which is the hardest part for any cracker.

thanks, man i didnt think that anyone was gonna answer...6 days without a reply

prolly cause us once hackers dont want to get you started it gets addictive fast..

thanks, man i didnt think that anyone was gonna answer...6 days without a reply

No problem. Whatever you do with an IP address though, make sure you know who you're doing it to. There are people who know their system inside out and keep track of people who try to access their computer. You never know, they might try to retaliate on your because you're trying to port scan them or whatever. So watch out.

yeah i know who they are, they're a friend thats why i said i didnt want to do anything malicious (lol vocab word!!)

Any moron can put a trojan on a computer and break in if he/she knows if/what antivirus program the "person" has and is intelligent enough to know how to obtain an ip address. Back in the 1337 days it was all about sub7.... ahh yeah, think back guys... think way back...

and bypassing Windows security was matter of pushing the "esc" key. Or even killing a batch file on a kiosk, like at Barnes and Noble! :-D

After looking at this thread, I'd have to say you managed to get more information out of one of the weakest social engineering attempts I've ever seen. Congrats ;)

I'm glad you noticed that too. I'm never surprised how much you can get a person to do something for you by making it appear that they're greater than you.

Very interested :)

get all your mates to ping and finger thier ip repeatedly in an DoS attack

You can do a lot of stuff with an IP, but you could you more back in the day and it was easy. Any scriptiot could email someone a file and then once the "victim" ran that file the attacker (quote quote) could basically own the computer. Open and close cd rom drives, restart the system you name it. It was much like sub7. In those days it was a lot of lame stuff like that.

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