we use lotus notes here at work, always have. We're merging with another company who uses Outlook and we're converting them to Notes and its not going so well. I was just wonder what everyone's opinion was about lotus notes. To me, it's on the top 10 worst software list. It's incredibly slow, unintuitive(which could be due to how far back it dates) and quite inefficient in my opinion. For some people, it can take 20-30 minutes to load Notes. Accessing my inbox can take me a few minutes at times, but I'm also located in a faster network location with a newer core 2 duo workstation. Why any company would ever use Notes is beyond me.

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According to my dad, who uses lotus notes atm, he would rather have outlook anyday of the week!
He thinks lotus notes is a useless waste of space, i do as well when i used it on his comp recently, so fiddly compared to the easyness of Outlook.
Go for outlook everytime!

notes was saved by lawyers and doctors... I came from an exchange house and was forced to learn notes... I wont champion notes at all... it is SLOW a resource hog, doesnt just work.... the problem is to change over will cost $$$$ something a non-techie with no outlook experince could understand... to tell them it will woke better wont float either.... my advice is embrace the junk that is notes...learn it inside and out.... it wont make the program any better but if you look on DICE.com the notes admin makes allot of $$$ ...make suffring a little easier... good luck

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