The anti-thread. Let's see if I can have the shortest thread in this forum.
I'll start. The person replying to this thread...

Produces more heat than light.

rm... i dunno who's next... but whoever is next is a dumbass...

I may be dumb but whoever is next is Butt ugly!

well, at least im not ginger! (damn it! i am!)

LOL :)

You may be ginger, but at least I'm not stupid enough to post in a thread which insults me as the replier.


2. lolz

A term for LOL (meaning 'laugh out loud' in chat-speak), usually typed by mindless ditzes who can't speak right.

How did you know Ginger?

#8, sir, are a cad.

Don't know if I qualify as a Cad but have used Cad/Cam dince the early '80s.

#10 is quite the nerd.....

I am?????

No,# 11 is!!

Is what? Handsome? Hunk like?

#12 is posting in their underwear!

I am????

I thought it was #13!!

I figured we were all in our undies!

#14's have holes in em............

well... at least i'm not an accident, just as the next one...

im proud to be an accident ;)

My mother told me I was 'a pleasent surprise'.

im proud to be an accident

That's twice you have neglected to lay an insult ambush for the next poster! you communicationally challenged bovine extract guzzling flightless bird!

You couldn't program your way out of a transparently thin tissue paper bag that's been soaking in a puddle for a week!


But #19 makes bubbles in the puddles!!!

Gah! You should see me in the bath!

At least I don't have a face only a mother could love unlike #20

(Bleh.. the novelty is wearing thin already)

That's twice you have neglected to lay an insult ambush for the next poster! !

Sorry. I always forget (e.g in the like it, love it, hate it game)

Yea age does that!

#22 is just entering puberty........

Age? Im 17!!!

And well maybe sort of

#23 is bald!

Not yet! but no hair on my thingie doodle...........

#24 has a hairy chest!

LOL ! ;) you have a dirty mind... #23

Hey! that's not true it's an eight tracked mind. They just don't make the tapes anymore.

Anyway #26 is a weed.

A dirty minded weed perhaps!:icon_twisted:

#27 is a full 6 pack but lacking the plastic thingy to hold it all together.:icon_cheesygrin:

Ah man!!

The same can be said about #28!

Hey! Not so........I have the plastic thingy it's just some of the cans are empty!

#29 smells that way so blind people can enjoy him/her too! hehehe

I like blind people tho!!! haha

#30 Smells funny :)