I'm using SUSE 10.1, I've installed firefox2, when i surf the web images and fonts are very small, how can i change that?! ( i don't want to change my desktop resolution)


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I've try that way but only text become larger, I'm searching for way that text and images become larger!

I think the whole reason everything is small is because you're using a very high resolution. The only other option you have is to use some sort of extension in Firefox, such as Image Zoom (although I've never tried it).

Why did you send me this in a PM. This is the closest thread (in topic) started by you that might have something to do with this, so I will post it here for everyone to see, and benefit from the answer.

I've downloaded fedora core 7 i386 from fedoraproject.com
how can i burn (bootable) on dvd?
plz help
there are lot of .img files

With nero or some other burn program? My God, read the documentation to whatever burn program you have, and look for tips at the website where you downloaded the image.

Why does no one ever do the obvious? Or, if they did, at least list the things they tried to avoid getting ripped like this.

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