I have been receiving the DANI WEB newsletter for some time now but never bothered to do anything more than be shy and read.
I am Basically a newcomer to the Computer World.
I went to school after my children were grown after deciding I needed a career change. I am in my third year seeking my BS IT-MVC. I have never undertaken something this hard before but it is also so fascinating. To give you an idea of how green I am to computers when I started back to school two years ago I had no concept of what Microsoft Word was. I also had my first bad run in with an instructor then she did not seem to understand that I didn't know MW because "everyone knew MW", thats about as basic as you can get. I must admit in the past two years I have come a long way and now others are looking for me for help on what to do and many of them I thought were computer gurus.
I am still a student being in my third year I have learned a great deal and I have much to learn still. I have learned a great deal through this site just reading the posts but now I feel it is time to try to overcome my shyness and say howdy.

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