I have always preferred IE over Firefox. Last night, I upgraded from IE6 to IE7. However, there are a couple of things I don't like about the design.

Firstly, I don't like how the URL bar is at the very top, and the home, refresh, back, and forward buttons (which I use all the time) are all in very weird places.

Secondly, is there a way to turn tabbed browsing off? I have a 30" monitor at a resolution of 2560x1600, and prefer to just set my windows side by side where I can see everything at once instead of switching between tabs.


1) Isnt there a way to "Unlock the toolbar" and place the address bar @ the bottom?? (I've always wondered that)

2) I dont think there is a way of disabling the tabs.......(Everything is contained within that program,it isnt seperate anymore as with IE6 (Opens a new instance per tab))

I dont like IE7 either Dani.......

Good luck!!

Secondly, is there a way to turn tabbed browsing off?

'Stein's found it!

From IE7, click 'Tools'> Internet Options >Tabs (Settings)

The option is on the top of the page.

As for the location of the address bar, etc, I think it's awful. I don't think theres a way to change it, aside from a hack, but I'm not too sure.

As for me...sticking with Firefox. :mrgreen:

I disabled tabbed browsing, but it still keeps the home, rss, print, etc icons in the same row. Therefore, disabling tabbed browsing doesn't shrink the toolbar by a row or give any more screen real estate to the browsing window - it just makes it look like awkward whitespace. Soooo, I went ahead and reenabled it. Oh well :(

Secondly, is there a way to turn tabbed browsing off? I have a 30" monitor at a resolution of 2560x1600, and prefer to just set my windows side by side where I can see everything at once instead of switching between tabs.

I think the tabs thing is less about screen estate and more about memory. There is much less impact upon system resources by opening multiple tabs within a single window than firing up multiple instances of the browser. Not a problem when you only have two or three windows open of course, but when you get into double figures it soon all kicks off :)

This is one area where I think that MS got it right in following the NetCaptor - Opera - Firefox trend.

You should try Maxthon Dani (My favorite browser)

Tabbed Browsing,address bar configuarable......Excellent program!!


I use the last release of MyIE2 (Be4 it was renamed to maxthon)
(That can still be gotton here > http://www.myie2.com/html_en/home.htm)

You could not UNLOCK THE TOOLBAR and then move your address bar to the bottom?? Thats stupid!!

Please try Maxthon and give me your opinion :)

Your friend,

The Dude :)

She actually didn't want tabbed browsing. :)

But i think her main issue is the address bar.. (Am i right Dani??)

How are you stymiee? I hope things are well :)

True, that will solve that problem.

As for me, I'm very cranky and irritable lately. Too much stress from various areas. Hopefully this week I can work some of them out and be the relaxed person I am used to being. :)

Good luck to you :) (And to Dani with her browser issues)

I have the answer for this problem with IE7

This message is from a friend of mine @ another site (Who i have invited here).. He is very knowledgable in these areas and when i saw his post i thought of Dani (And others) who dont like this @ all!!!

Annoyed by the placement of the address bar in IE7, I used a reg hack last night to move it below the File Edit View bar. After poking around a bit though, I found an easier way - plus I was able to get rid of the equally annoying (to me, anyway) xtra search bar (next to the address bar). This works in XP Pro only:

Fire up the Group Policy editor and navigate to User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Internet Explorer. In the right pane is a load of nice options, one being "Prevent the Internet Explorer search box from displaying", another "Moving the menu bar above the navigation bar". Right-click, choose Properties and tick Enable.

Thank you ZIP :)

My main gripe is that the Home, Refresh, Back, and Forward buttons are all in very awkward places.

Agreed, Microsoft has done the one thing they should really never do: mess with a well established UI.

One of the main reasons people quote for not moving to Firefox, in surveys various publications I work for have carried out, is they don't want to learn a new UI. It is almost like Microsoft is daring them to swap...

its all about getting used to the new UI. It took me a while (i started out with a beta), but i've finally gotten used to it and the new placements dont annoy me anymore.

holy cow dani, 30"!!
My eye doctor told me to use a smaller screen after my 23" started giving me headaches. So I had to go back to my trusty old 19 incher CRT.

I think I'm one of the lucky ones ,as i can't update to IE7, it can't
write to the registry for some reason ,I'm guessing maybe iespyad or some other security program ,even though i uninstalled to try again ,I use Firefox anyway for couple of yrs now ,

Cant you edit the UI somehow on IE7 to make it look like YOU WANT IT??

I dunno

by the way, ALT gets back all the old file, edit, tools toolbars

Ok first of all I absoueltly LOVE IE7 It's the best thing ever and to turn off tabbed browsing go tools>Internet Options>tabbed browsing and at the top of the page It'll say "Use tabbed browsing". So just unclick the box and your ready to go!! By the way I also like the tabbed browsing It comes In handy. ;)

i like tabbed browsing and the fact you can have many homepages also i like how if you click the 4 squares icon to the left of the tabs you can get thumbnails of all the tabs which is useful when researching or replying to lots of posts

Figured I'd come back and say again I LOVE IE7!!!! I know I'm a dork.......................lol!!! ROFLMAO!!!

Your not a dork my friend......

Not to worry!

Yes! They are a dork! But we love them anyway. :D

Yes! They are a dork! But we love them anyway. :D


We just had some issues with one of our XP's upstairs (A virus "Trojan.Emcodec") and my father asked me to look @ it cause he doesnt know to fix it,etc......

I discovered he took the WGA update and that IE7 is now on that computer....

I looked @ it and within 2 seconds i was able to customize the toolbar and make it look like IE6 (Which DANI says she couldnt)

I put the address bar down @ the bottom,etc....

I wonder why DANI couldnt do it (And so many other ppl cant)

I wouldnt wanna ever use IE7....I dont want the sites i visit being sent anywhere!! (And i wouldnt trust disabling the filter)

Ah well........

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