lamb chops and cran-rasberry juice.

tea..... and thats all :(

A kind of curry-soup thing... it's quite good.

curries are very close to soups

a dansak is basically a spicy thick lentil soup

I love Manchow Soup very hot..specially in Winter Days.

Enjoying some Coke @ the moment.

A sandwich with dry and tasteless turkey slices. I had to put a few anchovies on it to make it taste like something.

A toasted bagle with baby swiss and an apricot.

Cookie dough ice cream

Lemon cake and a strong mocha.

Chicken soup, curry, banana bread, jerk chicken, rice & peas, roti...i know its too much

turkey with dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, roles, Jello salad, pumpkin pie with Kool Whip. I will probably gain a million pounds today :)

I may beat you it...I'm pretty much stuffed like a turkey myself. is that fish n chips coming on? PM/email me some of it in those big paper cones m8!

you dont get the paper cones made from newspaper any more since like the 90s - nowdays you either get a wrapper or one mades from paper thats hygenic, but looks like newpaper , or polystyrene (styrafoam)

i had fish and chips for linch today actually, it wasnt cod though (damn dwindling north sea fish stocks!)

i tried freezing grapes but they burst