Just out of the blue today, my fan started working consistently and things got really slow, until I could no longer access task manager or the start button. I restarted the computer, only to come back to windows and find the same problem. The 2nd reboot, I managed to get the task manager up as soon as windows started, and noticed that svchost.exe was reading at 99%, and eating all my cpu usage. I closed it and came to post this problem on the website. I don't know if it's related but when I opened firefox it looked different at first (kinda more primitive??), and asked me if I want to have firefox as my default browser (I had done that ages ago).

Any ideas why? I'm going to run some scans now, see what comes up...

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Alright, things NOT looking good. Windows Defender automatically found the following:
Spyware:Win32/C2lop.B (Alert Level: Severe!!!)
Program: Win32/StartNowHyperbar (alert level:high)
Adware:Win32/NewDotNet (High)
Trying to remove now.


did you have windows defender delete those? If I were you, I would download more dependable software such as ad-aware se personal and avast anti-virus. Run some scans from those programs, and your troubles should be over =)


I have ad-aware SE, AVG (formerly known as Ewido), Norton anti-v, SPybot, and a host of other programs. It wasn't a virus, although funny enough my Windows Defender did start picking up viruses on my HD (one of them was the uninstall file for WAREZ). The problem was with windows update. As soon as I changed to having only windows update instead of windows and office updates, everything was fine :D

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