Funnily enough the summer was so bad this year that potato blight is all over the place ... but that said we've grown out of our need for potatoes ... we now eat chips (or fries for y'all in the states), too.

But I did just have some potatoes for dinner :)

Chips are potatoes? so are crisps?

I just had tabasco + chips + brown sauce

wait... whats a crisp and a chip? Are chips french fries and crisps chips?

no chips are french fries and a crisp is a crisp

British -> American

Crisps = Potato Chips
Chips = French Fries (but thicker)

Also Dave and myself discovered:

British -- American
Scone -- biscuit
biscuit -- cookie

UK____ American

Boot => Trunk
Bonet => Hood

Cola => Pepsi

Just had pancakes

Just had pizza.

had pizza for breakfast, chicken and bacon pizza.

Steamed shrimp over linguini smothered with nice creamy basil and garlic souce. Also like to drink fresh extra roast coffee from Sumatra.

Remember you can only have limited amount of meals in your lifetime, so make them memorable!

Eating food and drinking water.

commented: are wah! hum samjhe ke tu lokhand khata .. demagh jo itna taiz hai :P +3

Eating food and drinking water.

Oh yeah! food that's one of my favourite dishes too :)

i'm allergic to shrimp.

Just finished a munchbunch yogurt. I don't care if I'm 17 :P

more ice cream, I can't get enough of the stuff.

well.....just had some jamaican jerk chicken (well hot and spicy)...yehmon

Christina and I are eating white-trash/dog chow/any other crazy name. It was fun to make but is more fun to eat :)

coffee and anything else i could chew:D

Enjoying some Pepsi right now...

how could i leave out the red stripe

Jam doghnuts !!! mmmmmmmmmm

With tea of course.