Just consumed three perch fillets, white asparagus and some 1999 vintage red wine.

MacDonald's food

Noodle and fresh water.

nothing, that's a pity! =(

I am having a cup of coffee...

Just finished a perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy California peach.

Scrambled eggs and mushrooms.

Scrambled eggs and mushrooms.
Got to use up my portabella mushrooms.
Besides, my girlfriend likes what I cook.

i am having my midnight snack now.my boyfriend brought me some choco sundae and belgian cookies..i'll forget about my diet, i'll start again tomorrow!:D

Just saw my uncle, who is a doctor at the university hospital. We shared an Einstein potato bagle with salmon schmear. I had a cup of their great hot chocolate.

2 slices of white bread, with a slice of avocado, a sprinkle of salt, and a cup of lipton tea with sugar no milk...

Two slices of oatnut bread loaded with Braunschweiger. The usual mug of Guatemalan coffee heavy on the cream.

I got hungry and started on a can of beans. I'm sorry.

A salmon steak on a bed of spinach. Hits the spot! Glass of cold A&W root beer to drink.

A pair of sunnyside up jumbo eggs.
Yes, I have egg on my face! I am a messy eater.

I am just cooking myself a couple of sunnysides, great with whole-wheat toast and a full mug of Irish coffee.

Drinking: Long Island Iced Tea
Eating: Long Island Iced Tea

A glass of iced cold universal solvent.

Fettucini with Alfredo sauce. Good cup of Mexican coffee.

Some yummy whole milk!!

Iced Americano. Now I'm on frenzy. *Drool*

cheese and onion pasty :)

just drank hot choco but reading all the posts made me hungry, will just eat whatever is on the table and in the ref

Rosemary Potato Bread with Swiss Cheese and a mug of extra dark hot chocolate.

Just nuked a cup of Kraft's instant "Easy Mac" Macaroni and cheese dinner. Not bad!

Check it at kraftfoods.com

Our cook made my favorite breakfast, a spinach and morel mushroom omelette. Goes well with a tall glass of whole milk.