Just had my dinner. Had curry chicken, fried fish, some vegetables and rice.

Enjoying some Chocolate milk :)

Just had some korean food during lunch.

Just a simple tomato and mozzarella salad, our garden is full of ripe tomatoes!

I am just a poor student, so all I can afford is a plate full of macaroni and cheese.

Im eating some cookies and drinking Coke :)

a molasses/ginger cookie from the day-old bread store.

Chicken Kiev with fresh baked bread.

Had a burger just now....:)

just had tasty indian lunch...

French toast with café au lait. Ah so good!

Having fish soup just now....:)

im having almonds and water right now...im trying for the los angeles marathon!

Penne pasta, zuchini with nice tomato sauce and some parmesan. Glass of newly fermented red wine.

Refried mashed potatoes ala Quayle. Cup of OJ.

I think I could go for a taste of this.

OMG! I want one - it would take me most of the evening a pitcher of beer.

I will try and get a pic of Beth's Cafe famous 12-egg omelet - I actually ate one (the omelet is on a plate of hashbrowns - all you can eat) but usually I would take the left-overs home for the next couple of days. The family that started the cafe were cooks on fishing vessels - they cooked for the working man.

Roast pork with carrots, potatoes, and onion. MMMMM

Had fishball noodle for breakfast this morning :)

Two extra large fresh farm eggs sunny side up and a hamsteak. Add to that a steaming mug of black coffee.

Rice with some curry chicken and vege.

Meatloaf with tomato-laced gravy and whipped potatoes. All I could find for breakfast!?

Diet Dr. Pepper.

Homemade apple pie; made with Northern Spy apples plus a few Cortland's.

Cup of tea. Chocolate digestive.

Just have some japanese food for lunch. :)

Just ate part of a bottom-dwelling decapod with compound eyes, long antennae, the first pair of legs of the beast were large, powerful pincers, that turned bright red when I boiled it.