Had a one of those pizzas on a slice of bread sort of things(forgot the name), rhubarb pie, shot of Absolute, Makers Mark and Tanqueray gin; smoked a Benson & Hedge while reading some Edgar Allan Poe-ms. A good night.

Well right now, I am not eating. But Dinner consisted of pork roast, salad, and a baked potato. Then, four hours later, I had wheat toast with peanut butter!

Toast with almond butter and jelly toast, with a cup of good old Santos coffee.

I have stopped eating peanut butter after eight people died and several hundred people ended up in the hospital eating peanut butter made in a filthy plant in the state of Georgia.

Hot chocolate, bacon sandwich, hash brown, and a slice of cake (probably Walnut) to finish off.

Drinking coffee and eating the last of my Honey Greek Gods Yogurt - like ice cream but not frozen.

Honey Greek Gods Yogurt.

I've probably devoured gallons of that stuff over the years, it's so freaking good!

OMG! Where do you buy yours? I heard that they have pretty limited circulation? Well, Duh! Same area as me!

My secret is that I eat a trench out of the middle of the tub and then go back for the liquid honey, hmmmm

Currently, I am drinking a Bourbon & Coke while eating p-nuts

Air popped popcorn & muffin banana mix..

A medium-rare eye of round beef steak, two eggs sunny side up, hash-browns, and my usual dark roast Maracaibo coffee.

A slice of whole-wheat toast with (creamy) peanut butter; coffee, black.

Beans in tomato sauce, potatoes, sausage

Pot roast, potatos and carrots - gotta love those one pot meals - and Black Butt Porter (family joke - eh, Bette!)

I'm planning to give my lunch to this one..

My boyfriend cooked last evening! I wish I could have given the food to the hungry bear.

He Ene Uran is your friend such a bad cook you want to feed his meal to the animals?

I wonder if this two girls really want what they're eatin'... ahihihihiihi....

I thought I'd cover my whole day of food in one post.

Right Now... coffee made in a French Press. It is quite strong.
Earlier... steel cut oatmeal with honey, and mandarine orange segments :@ (they had SEEDS! They aren't supposed to have SEEDS!)
In the near future ... I will be eating a chocolate chip cookie.

Dinner will be - 7 bean soup with turkey meat added, and french bread with roasted garlic/butter spread.

Good thing that mandarines still have seeds!
They need to multiply!

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im eating my cereals at 4am! weeeee! whatta! im still studying up to this time.

Good thing that mandarines still have seeds!
They need to multiply!

Usually, they are harvested before the seeds are large, I guess. I love the tangerines that peel easily, are juicy and if they have seeds, they are teeny tiny seeds.

These seeds are HUGE, and although the fruit peels without a knife, the skin isn't so willing to separate from the segments. :(

I believe the first oranges came to Europe from California...
(OK everybody knows there originally from China yes?)
So why is it that I eat mandarines without seeds and you don't?

Orange Slices & Frozen Yogurt... yummmmmmmm..

Banana.. for a monkey like me.. :( ahihihihihihih..lol;

Leftover Lebkuchen from Christmas.


(is carbonara is the white spaghetti ?..) I want to taste it.. :'(

Eggs, mushrooms and toast.

I had my lunch and now having banana