Diet Dr. Pepper

Cambozola cheese on crackers and Chilean grapes.

Chili con carne, homemade bread and a glass of California blush Zinfandel.

Chili con carne, homemade bread and a glass of California blush Zinfandel.

That sounds so good! I think you should share some with me ;)

The leftover 5 sausage scramble from this morning's breakfast at The Rooster.

I have a beautiful (grand marnier and couvasier) in a brandy snifter heating over a candle for my dessert.

Pork, red potatoes and peas.

I just finished pork, yellow potatoes, and onions.

Assam black tea <3

eating a cup of hot cofee with a croissant.
:) while staring at the computer screen which I don't understand a lot about Programming language.
But I like that way.

Spiegeleier mit Krustenbrot und einen Eimer Milch.

(Eating like the Pope)

Roast turkey with green beans, backed potatoes and green pepper sauce.
A glass of chardonnay.

rice and curry !
really bad for my body shape !
I want to keep low stress level so I need to stay slim .
Need to move to the US and Erope food style .

Right now -- popcorn. Just finished bowl of Silk Soy Milk and cereal.

Sauerkraut with pork on mashed potatoes.

i just took 2 huge gulps of water 3 huge gulps of air

One medium-rare sirloin tip steak. Cup of blackberry tea.

I just ate a piece of the first loaf of bread that I ever baked. I use the New York Times recipe. OMG! I feel like a baker, suddenly.

Had my first ever Calippo Ice lolly yesterday. It was a Strawberry/Tropical flavoured one. What can I say, the Sun was high in the sky, clouds were dispersed, and I felt weird. The lolly was delicious though.

I have a shepherd's pie sitting right next to me, which I shall consume in a few minutes...

I assume you all know what a shepherds pie is... you know, meat and potato...?

It's just missing some good old tomato sauce :)

I am contemplating getting up out of my easy chair, opening the oven and getting some roast chicken with potatoes washed down with a bourbon and coke (oops, I bought Canadian this time - means it is rye and coke).

Macaroni with ham and cheese, glas of white wine.

Ah, I enjoy my cup of fresh brewed coffee!
I wonder if there is a religion that forbids coffee?

Saturday dinners are always half of what I had for breakfast - tonight, the fresh sausage scramble with my Rye and coke to wash it down.

Gooseberry jam on toast with one tall glass of fresh cow milk.

For lunch I had on English muffin egg salad with a slice of tomato