Just ate my first "maatjesharing" of this year!
This is a sort of raw herring, macerated by the enzymes of its own pancreas. Can recommend this to everyone!

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with Jif "extra crunchy" and Streamline (www.scandicfood.com) "Fruits of the Forest" jam.

"Raisin Bran Extra" with yogurty clusters, cranberries and almont slices. Simply amazing what those cereal makers dream up.

A pecan danish with hot java.

Honey nut cheerios and a bottle of San Benedetto water...:)

just had a mandarin... not eating at moment though...

just cucumber and banana

Nestle Gold...honey coated corn flakes...

very nice ..... absolutely true

A toasted Sara Lee cinnamon raisin bagel with Nutella hazelnut spread, OJ to drink..

Pepperidge Farm-Chocolate Goldfish Grahams and Parisian Style French Roast Coffee mmmmmm.

cadbury brunchbar mmm mixed berry

Salad, broccoli, and a cobbler made from Wisconsin rhubarb - can't decide between huffing the propellant or adding whipped cream to the cobbler. Looking forward to a R and C later in the evening.

(Wow, no flesh tonight!)

Diet coke and eating a snickers

You'll eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime.
I am eating cookie # 34,999 right now!

was eating Biscuit ,now drinking Tea :)

Stuffed peppers and white wine.

Drinking some Chocolate Milk and enjoying a cookie :)

A few slices of mango and passion fruit.

am enjoying cadbury cream & pepsi

Meatloaf, corn and mashers. A glass of California's best.

Drinking some Coke right now :)

Working on my 2nd ThunderHead IPA of the night.

Sweet and sour chicken on rice. A Sunkist orange soda.

Pizza con pollo (chicken, cheese, tomato, onion, paprika) glass of wine.