"Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch" cereal with whole milk.

Looking forward to a mess of hot fried chicken and cold potato salad with a large bowl of banana pudding at my neighbor's house.

Some leftover chicken quesadilla.

Homemade bread (the New Times no-knead recipe that I go on about).

A polystyrene cup of low-quality coffee. It does contain caffeine though :)

Whiskey marinated steak from the barbi-grill with roasted corn. Southeren Comfort for dessert.

Milk and chocolate chip cookies

Milk and chocolate chip cookies

When I was a youngster, that was my favorite snack before bed time.

jack & jill potato chips thai mango flavour (new!!!)
taiwanese pearl milk tea drink peppermint flavour

For the moment I try to drink 4 liters of PEG solution. In less then 4 hours, :icon_cry: prosit!

Dried Pineapple, first time I had it, pretty nice!

Oh yes, dried pineapple is great! Actually any kind of dried fruit, even dried banana.

Right now I am eating green apples. I like it so much.

homemade Swiss and steak sandwich and in a few moments I'll be drinking a Mocha Cappuccino.

A bowl of muesli mixed with yogurt. I have a cup of black coffee afterwards.

Stuffed cabbage with mashers, glass of California red wine.

I am having KFC's special Wings with a bowl of mashed potatoes and Little Bucket Parfaits in dessert.
The desert is more delicious than others.

I am eating Ice-cream right now, yummmy!!!!

I am dringk black coffee now!

Toasted brown sugar and cinnamon bagels with a mug of Mexican coffee.

A nice beef steak the size of a toilet seat cover, medium rare, mashed potatoes and buttered cauliflower. All washed down with California Merlot. Life is a bitch!

Friday is still fish day for some of us, so I breaded some Alaskan Pollock with parmesan-mustard, baked it and served it with a zucchini and cabbage medley. My GF liked it a lot.

Blood sausage(black pudding) with apple compote and bread. Coffee.

Greek Gods Honey Yogurt - mmm, like ice cream

Red, white and blue yogurt, very patriotic!

Just back from my GF's house, she served "foot longs" with sauerkraut on toasted pretzel buns. Plenty of Hefeweizen to make me happy.

A cup of green tea! I am a little sleepy right now!