I have a handful of cherry granola cookies with my coffee.

Toasted plain bagel with lots of butter and fresh cup of black tea.

I'm taking tea with high milk content

Apple Pie + Apple Cider.

Apple Pie + Apple Cider.

Can Halloween be far away?
I like apple dumplings and fritters! Apple cider only if it's hard cider.

A soft pretzel and a diet coke.

Coffee, all day, a whole pot.

The only real American food is corn dishes.

I think, I'm going to be real American, today, and break-out the corncob pipe.

If a big, fat, juicy hamburger isn't American then I don't know what is.

I am actaully eating sesame paste! Have anyone tastes that?

I'm having a nice cuppa tea for lunch.

Apple Fritter bread and a mug of hot Mexican coffee.

About to have a large spicy pepperoni, mushroom and ham soft crust domino pizza :icon_razz:
and a coke.

Cookie-dough ice cream.

Im eating a cookie @ the moment/drinking some pepsi :)

Just finished a meal of Muscovy Duck and rabbit -- hmmm.

Going to make myself a Bourbon and coke brb.

A cup of green tea! I need to be awake, and maybe a cup of coffee later!

Pepper soup...really spicy....

Right now I'm having full cup of strong coffee with some sandwich.My favourite snacks.I prepared myself.

An icecream in hand now!

Nothing, and I am starving!

Coffee and an English muffin with nutella.

cheese, wine, cheese wine, and so on...

Chicken Parmesan, a weekend leftover.

An apple turnover and a cup of hot chocolate.

A toasted bagel with a heap of cinnamon and sugar on it, and cup of Bailey's coffee.


Mmmm. Pizza.